Kai Lord

Step 1: Characteristics (page 45)

  • COMBAT SKILL: Choose a Random Number and add 10.
  • ENDURANCE: Choose a Random Number and add 20.
  • WILLPOWER: Choose a Random Number and add 10.

Step 2: Kai Disciplines (page 36)

  • Choose FIVE Kai disciplines and write them down on your Action Chart.

Step 3: Starting Equipment (page 41)

  • You begin play with a green Kai Cloak and tunic. You also possess a backpack, a map of the Lastlands, a belt and a leather pouch for your Gold Crowns.
  • If you possess the Weaponskill discipline, you receive your trained weapon.
  • You may select FIVE items from the list provided in the Starting Equipment section.

Step 4: Name your Kai Lord (page 43)
You can either use the tables on page 43 to randomly generate a name for your Kai Lord, or make up one of your own. You might wish to save this step till last, or come up with a name before you create a character — it’s up to you!

Step 5: Kai’s Favour (page 46)

  • Calculate how many points of Kai’s Favour you begin with at the start of play.

Step 6: Traits (page 46)

  • Choose TWO traits from the traits section.
  • Unless noted in a trait’s description, each trait may only be taken once.

Step 7: Skills (page 55)

  • Choose TWO skills from the list on page 56.
  • Beside each skill you have chosen, write ‘+1’. This indicates your bonus when using this skill for tests.

Step 8: Defence (page 60)

  • Calculate your character’s Defence by adding up the Defence bonuses from any equipment you selected during Step Three. Record this number in the appropriate box on your Action Record.

And that is all there is to do it. Your Kai Lord is finished. Now on to glory for Sommerlund and the Kai!

Kai Lord

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