Kai Disciplines

Kai’s greatest gift to us is the power he bestows through our disciplines. There are many sorts of magic in the world but our abilities are unique in all of Magnamund. Be proud of this
blessing, but never forget that you have been granted it for a reason. Devotion exalts the Kai Lords. Arrogance undermines us.

I’m looking at you, Laughing Fox.

– Kai Lord Silent Owl, Caretaker of the Hall of Novitiates

Over the centuries, the Kai have mastered the skills of the warrior. These skills are known as the Kai disciplines and they are taught to all Kai Lords. Your character has been training for many years but has yet to master all of the disciplines and so you may choose just 5 from the following list:

  • Animal Kinship
  • Camouflage
  • Healing
  • Hunting
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Mindblast
  • Mindshield
  • Sixth Sense
  • Tracking
  • Weaponskill

You will have a chance to learn other Kai disciplines later. When you have chosen your 5 Kai disciplines, write them down on your Action Chart.

Choosing Your 5 Disciplines

The five disciplines that a Kai Lord begins the game with are the culmination of years of training, the manifestation of powers that have been practised since childhood. As you choose them, keep this in mind. While you do not have to limit your picks to match the personality of the character you are trying to make, they should definitely reflect who you want that person to be.

Also keep in mind that by Rank 10, all Kai Lords will know every discipline. This frees you to pick the five that appeal to you most or even the five that mesh best with the rest of your
group. You can choose any five for any reason because, ultimately, you will one day have access to them all.


This discipline enables you to blend in with your surroundings. In the countryside, you are able to hide undetected among trees and rocks and pass close to an enemy without being seen. In a town or city, it enables you to look and sound like a native and it can help you find shelter or a safe hiding place.

If you choose this discipline, write ‘Camouflage’ on your Action Chart.

Using Camouflage

Use this discipline to make tests involving hiding from enemies, searching for items that someone has hidden from you and detecting ambushes before they occur. You can also make
Camouflage tests to determine where someone is from by their accent or dialect.

Pick Camouflage if…

You want to be able to avoid combat, set traps for your foes or sneak about unseen.


This discipline ensures that you will never starve in the wild. You will always be able to hunt for food yourself, except in areas of wasteland and desert. The discipline also enables you to be able to move swiftly and surely, helping you avoid pitfalls and other dangers.

If you choose this discipline, write ‘Hunting’ on your Action Chart.

Using Hunting

You do not need to cross off a Meal when instructed to eat. Feeding yourself requires no significant time unless the Narrator determines that you will need to actively hunt. If this is the case, you will need at least one hour to procure a Meal, possibly more depending on conditions and Narrator preference.

You can make Hunting tests when trying to provide Meals for someone other than yourself, find clean drinking water, and determining whether a given plant or animal is safe to eat. Doing this is always considered active hunting and requires at least an hour as noted above. You can also make Hunting tests to set traps in both urban and wilderness settings, assuming you have the materials.

Pick Hunting if…

You don’t want to have to keep track of Meals, you want to be self sufficient or you want to be at home in the wild.

Sixth Sense
This discipline may warn you of imminent danger. It may also
reveal the true purpose of a stranger or strange object encountered
in your adventures.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Sixth Sense’ on your Action Chart.
Using Sixth Sense
The Narrator will warn you when your Sixth Sense tells you
something is wrong.
You can also make a test with Sixth Sense whenever you want to
actively sense for danger, as opposed to just waiting for it to offer
you warnings and advice.
Master-level: You may also make Sixth Sense tests to read
the fortunes of others:
• Using Sixth Sense for someone else requires physical
contact with the creature in question and costs 1
WILLPOWER point each time, even if the test fails.
Pick Sixth Sense if…
You never want to be surprised or caught off guard, you want the
Narrator to warn you of danger or you want to have exceptional
This discipline enables you to make the correct choice of a path
in the wild, to discover the location of a person or object in a
town or city and to assess any footprints or tracks you might find.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Tracking’ on your Action
Using Tracking
You can make a Tracking test to find out more about tracks and
paths you find. If an area has no tracks in it, you can make a test
to reveal information about the kind of area you are in and what
creatures or natives might be found nearby.
You may also make a Tracking test to gain insight as to what
areas of significance there could be nearby.
Pick Tracking if…
You never want to get lost, you want to be able to follow people
even in the middle of nowhere or you want to be an expert tracker.
This discipline enables you to meditate to heal your own wounds,
or to tend to the injuries of your friends. You can also identify
illnesses, poisons and the potency of curative substances.
If you choose this discipline write ‘Healing’ on your Action Chart.
Using Healing
This discipline can be used to restore ENDURANCE points lost
through injury.
Sixth Sense – Eyes of the Mind
Sixth Sense is a deceptively simple discipline that rewards the Kai Lord for creative
use. On the surface, Sixth Sense would seem to be just an early warning system for
danger. It can be used this way, but the discipline is capable of so much more: with
it a Kai Lord can sense motivations, evil intent and even see a few seconds into the
This requires cooperation with the Narrator to decide what can be sensed, how much
detail can be gained and just how much warning you might get from its use. Sixth
Sense is always useful, but rarely clear cut.
If you have this discipline, you automatically regain 1
ENDURANCE point every two hours. This effect is a constant
benefit of the Healing discipline and does not require you to take
any special action. You do not even have to be conscious!
You may also choose to enter a meditative trance in order to
heal yourself. You will restore 1 ENDURANCE point for every
10 minutes that you are in the trance and are not disturbed. You
may meditate for a total of 1 hour every day.
Remember that your ENDURANCE score cannot rise above
its original level through any use, passive or active, of this
You may also heal others, though you are not so good at doing
this. You may restore 2 ENDURANCE points to one other
character. This can be done once per day for each character you
heal. You can only heal one other character at a time.
You may make Healing tests to identify illnesses, poisons, the
likely source of physical injuries, and the potency of healing and
curative items. A Healing test is also required for any kind of
forensic examination of remains.
Pick Healing if…
You want to be able to help others, quickly recover from injuries
and be able to cure diseases and poisons.
Upon entering the Kai Monastery, each Initiate is taught to master
one type of weapon – you have shown a particular aptitude with
this weapon.
When you learn the Kai discipline of Weaponskill, you can
either choose a weapon from the following list or pick a random
number to determine which one you have been trained in:
7. AXE
8. BOW
This is the weapon in which you have a natural aptitude and been
given additional training.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Weaponskill in _______’
on your Action Chart. Write this weapon down in the Weapons
section of your Action Chart as well. Remember that you cannot
carry more than two weapons and may still only use one weapon
at a time.
Using Weaponskill
When you enter combat carrying your trained weapon, you gain
a +2 bonus to your COMBAT SKILL.
You may make a Weaponskill test when you are trying to do
something with your weapon other than strike your opponent
for lethal damage. You can also make a Weaponskill test when
examining a weapon to determine its craftsmanship, region of
origin and likely techniques for using it in battle.
Master-level: Certain combat options will call for a
Weaponskill test to use. These are detailed on page 35 of
the Book of Kai Wisdom.
Creating your own Character
A Kai’s Weapon
“The weapon you choose to master during your years here will say much about you. Wielded
properly, no one implement of battle is superior to another. Blades cut, bludgeons crush and
sharp points do what sharp points have always done. No choice is wrong, but only one choice
is right. For you, that is.
“If you favour might above all else and feel that force cures all ills? The warhammers
are right over there. Are you the kind to seek balance in all things? Try a sword in one
hand and a shield in the other. Daggers tend to be for those who like speed and stealth,
while axes and maces favour the bold. I myself like the quarterstaff, but mostly because
I do not like limping.”
- Silent Owl
The Book of Kai Training
Pick Weaponskill if…
You want to master a particular weapon, you want to be a
powerful warrior or you want to be able to perform fancy
techniques in combat.
Some of your enemies have the ability to attack you using psychic
force, the focused power of their mind. The Kai discipline of
Mindshield can protect you from harm when subjected to this
form of attack.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Mindshield’ on your Action
Using Mindshield
If you have the Mindshield discipline you will be immune to most
forms of psychic damage. You will be told by the Narrator if you
are not immune to a psychic attack.
You will rarely be called upon to make a Mindshield test.
Normally the Narrator will only call for a test when you confront
an adversary with specialised mental attacks. In these cases, you
may be asked to make a test to avoid a psychic effect other than
Master-level Rule: The Mindshield discipline provides a Kai
Lord with great focus, allowing him or her to concentrate
even in adverse conditions. This allows Mindshield to allow
a Discipline Trump for the Investigate and Sage skills (see
page 59 for more about Discipline Trumps).
Pick Mindshield if…
You want to be immune from an enemy’s psychic powers, to
concentrate even when in distracting circumstances or to play an
aloof and inscrutable character.
This discipline enables you to attack an enemy using the force
of your mind.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Mindblast’ on your Action Chart.
Using Mindblast
Mindblast is used at the same time as a normal combat weapon
and adds a +2 bonus to your COMBAT SKILL.
When using Mindblast, if you reduce an enemy’s ENDURANCE
to 0, you may choose to render them unconscious instead of
killing them.
Not every creature you encounter can be harmed by Mindblast.
You will be told by the Narrator if your target is immune.
You will rarely be called upon to make a Mindblast test
Pick Mindblast if…
You like the idea of attacking enemies with the power of your
mind or you want to be a powerful psychic warrior.
Animal Kinship
This discipline enables you to communicate with some animals
and to be able to guess the intentions of others. In some cases, it
can allow you to control an animal’s instincts or actions.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Animal Kinship’ on your
Action Chart.
Using Animal Kinship
This discipline is often used for tests involving complex feats with
animals, including commanding them to do things they would
not be able or willing to do normally, such as charging through
fire or defending you against a much stronger opponent. It is
considered a serious breach of a Kai Lord’s code to use an animal
recklessly or endanger its life without great need.
Pick Animal Kinship if…
You want to be able to befriend an animal, talk to wild beasts
or calm down unfriendly creatures and stop them attacking you.
Mind Over Matter
Mastery of this discipline enables you to move small objects with
your powers of concentration. At its basic levels, it can typically
only move a weight equal to a small pouch of coins or tiny objects
like the tumblers inside a lock.
If you choose this discipline, write ‘Mind Over Matter’ on your
Action Chart.
Using Mind Over Matter
A Mind Over Matter test is made to increase the maximum
weight you can move with the power of your mind alone. The
heavier the load, the harder it will be to succeed at the test. You
may also make a Mind Over Matter test to propel objects more
quickly than normal. You can find out more about this on page
66 of the Book of Kai Wisdom.
Pick this Discipline if…
You want to have potent psychic powers, you want to be able to
move things with your thoughts alone, you want to be able to do
all sorts of sneaky tricks without moving.
Once you have picked your 5 disciplines, your Kai Lord is nearly
complete. All you need to do now is choose your starting items
and select a name, and note them on your Action Chart!

Kai Disciplines

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